Vlad Minaev


I am a full stack web-developer. Please find my bio/education on LinkedIn or Careers

Passionate about web technologies/projects

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Technical skills

front end

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Less
  • jQuery

back end

  • Java
  • Freemarker
  • Scala [studying]


  • SpringMVC
  • Backbone
  • Angular


  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

UI/UX skills



I started developing websites at school when the majority of my peers didn't even have a computer. The main thing for me was a result, not a process, so I used Dreamweaver both for design and layout, jumping from time to time into the source code.


Over time, the hobby turned into the profession, but the industry was early in its development, so I had to be a "jack of all trades". However, Dreamweaver became insufficient for create good design and, despite a popular tendency to draw sites using Photoshop, I chose Fireworks. I am still faithful to it and in my opinion it is the best tool for designing user interface. Also Dreamweaver was no longer enough for layouting, so I switched to pure HTML and CSS, began to study PHP, which was gaining popularity back to that time.


Going, as many others, through the creation of own CMS engine, I realized that it made more sense to use something ready, with great community and a big set of modules. So I chose Drupal which was used as the basis for some interesting projects. In terms of front-end development I started to learn JavaScript and jQuery.


In 2010 I went to work for a company specializing in enterprise development. Despite the fact that I was interviewed for the position of php developer, direction offered to try my hand in Java. I agreed. It was not only an abrupt change of backend technology stack, but of the whole approach to development . In previous projects the end justified the means, the development usually meant searching and customising modules and creating themes for cms. Vector shifted towards a low-level development: we didn't just produce websites but web-applications with rich functionality. It was necessary to develop the application architecture from scratch and write a lot of backend (javascript) and front-end (java) code. The attitude to the quality of the code changed as well - some things were refactored several times. Working in teams of up to 25 people demanded the care in the details.

Along with Java I was learning related technologies: Spring framework, Freemarker and tools: ant, gradle, svn, git, etc...


In recent years, I managed to work with things like backbonejs, angularjs, less, sass. Currently I’m devoting some free time to studying Scala.